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Our Team


Aleksey Maltsev
Alexey Maltsev is a search and rescue professional with the Kamchatka Regional Search & Rescue Service. In his free time, he guides some trekking and ski tour trips. An avid back country skier and hiker, he and his family frequently explore Kamchatka's wilderness areas, winter and summer.

Igor Sesterev Combining his skills in mountaineering, driving jeeps, and as a professional in the Kamchatka Regional Rescue Service, Igor has many qualities that make him a great guide for Kamchatka volcano treks and back country travel. He has trekked all over Kamchatka and climbed many of the major peaks. His enthusiasm and careful guiding make him a favorite of clients.

Elena Bulatova grew up in Yelizovo, and loves to combine travel with spending part of the year guiding, cooking for, or interpreting for English-speaking groups.  Her enthusiasm and knowledge of Kamchatka, combined with her joyful and caring service make her one of our favorite people to work with.

Evgenniy "Zhenya" Lysenkov is an alpinist and Kamchatka Regional Search & Rescue Service professional who leads groups for summer trekking in Kamchatka's Nature Parks. With extensive experience in wilderness rescue, guiding, we are very glad to have the opportunity to work with him.


Elena at Diligans Kamchatka

Dmitry Derevyagin, Nachikinsky Spring, Ltd.

Our partnersDiligans Kamchatka, Ltd. and Nachikinsky Spring Co. Ltd. outfit for most of our trips. Since 1999, Diligans Kamchatka combines superior knowledge of the peninsula with great organizational skills and provides transportation and most services for our trips. Nachikingsky Spring has guided our fly fishing trips for three years and provides us with excellent fly fishing services. Our repeat clients are a testament to their abilities.

Seeking partnerships

Explore Kamchatka is fortunate to work with some outstanding tour operators and organizations who send their guests to us in Kamchatka. If you agree with our philosophy and would like to join us we'd certainly enjoy helping you to Explore Kamchatka!

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