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  • Tourist visas are issued for up to 30 days, however check with your nearest Russian Federation Embassy or Consulate for possible changes. USA citizens may apply for up to a 3-year multi-entry tourist visa.  They can be extended only in case of emergency for a few days. To apply for a visa you will need to get an invitation and voucher from our partner company. To make these documents, send a scanned copy of your passport (valid for 6 months after you depart Russia), and your dates of travel and itinerary in Russia. Include the dates, name and addresses of hotels you may stay in en route to/from Kamchatka.  When you get the voucher and invitation you must fill out the visa application from the Internet site of your nearest Russian consulate where you will apply for a visa. Fill it out and follow their instructions CAREFULLY.
  • Other visas we can assist you with, include business visas. These take 6-8 weeks to receive the invitation provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. If you need a business visa we need the following information:
    ◦    Scanned copy of your passport.
    ◦    Full home address, telephone.
    ◦    Profession, name of employer or business, work address, telephone.
    ◦    Goal of your trip to Kamchatka.
    ◦    Itinerary including all cities, names and addresses of hotels, and locations you will visit during your trip according to dates.
    ◦    Dates you will be in Russia (from entry to exit).
  • Other permits for visitors to some areas of Kamchatka include permissions from the FSB and Border Guards. This is because Kamchatka is still an important military zone. When we arrange your itinerary and agree on a tour we will apply for this permit prior to your arrival. We also can arrange for any needed protected area entry permits.


Kamchatka couldn't be better situated for stormy weather. Located between the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk, Kamchatka gets almost a meter of precipitation annually. Kamchatka has many different climatic zones sometimes separated by just a few miles or minutes. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a maritime climate while Yelizovo only 25 kilometers inland receives much less precipitation and often has sunny days to PK's fog, rain, or snow. Areas in southern Kamchatka like Kurilskoye Lake have more snow, rain, and fog. In Kamchatka's Central Valley, the climate is more a continental climate with less precipitation, hotter summers and colder winters.

Location Mar 1-May 31 June 1-Aug 31 Sept 1-Nov 30 Dec 1-Feb 28
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky March -6°C
120 mm precip
April -2°C
80 mm precip
May +3°C
60 mm precip
June +8°C
40 mm precip
July +12°C
40 mm precip
August +14°C
80 mm precip
Sept +10°C
80 mm precip
October +4°C
120 mm precip
Nov -2°C
120 mm precip
Dec -6°C
100 mm precip
Jan -9°C
100 mm precip.
Feb -10°C
80 mm precip
Kozirevsk near Klyuchevskoy group of Volcanoes -4°C
40 mm precip
110 mm precip
160 mm precip
100 mm precip
Esso -4°C
110 mm precip
140 mm precip
100 mm precip
280 mm precip

Yelizovo Weather link:  www.gismeteo.ru/towns/32548.htm
English http://www.meteo.infospace.ru/cities/htm/index.ssi


  • Rubles are the preferred currency in all shops, markets, restaurants, and bars. However there are ATMs available in Yelizovo and Petropavlovsk in many locations and at the Sberbank or federal bank affiliates in most villages in Kamchatka. Usually, you cannot buy meals in restaurants or make purchases in Kamchatka with credit cards.

  • You may exchange dollars and euros in banks. It isn't recommended to exchange money on the street. Bring clean, new looking, un-torn or marked bills.
  • There is no airport tax in Kamchatka when departing.

Equipment and gear

  • Having the right clothing for the season can make a difference between a comfortable and safe trip or disaster. After you book a trip with us we'll send you our recommendations for clothing and equipment you must have with you.
  • Clothing is important. It often rains on Kamchatka so for summer to fall trips, be sure you have good quality rain pants and a hooded jacket that will cover your warmer underlayers. We suggest subdued colors over bright yellows or oranges especially if you're going on a wildlife-watching trip.

How to get here

  • From Moscow there are flights year round on Aeroflot, Transaero, and Domodedova airlines companies to Kamchatka. It's a long flight, try to get some rest! If you connect to Kamchatka through Sheremetevo Airport, and don't want to sightsee in Moscow, there is an in-terminal "capsule" hotel, "Vozdushniy Express" www.v-exp.ru, email: info@v-exp.ru, tel. +7 495 777-02-42.
  • From Vladivostok there are flights several times a week, depending on the time of year on Vladivostok Airlines.

  • From Khabarovsk there are flights several times a week depending on the time of year. One may also connect to Vladivostok via Khabarovsk by train or air.

    YAKUTIA AIRLINES will continue seasonal service between Anchorage and the Russian Far East cities of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Khabarovsk. The convenient schedule will allow for same-day connections to/from Vladivostok, Moscow, and other cities throughout Russia. Flights will operate on Saturdays, July 11 to August 29, 2015.  Tel: 206-443-1614 Fax: (206) 443-0954, sales@airrussia.us www.airrussia.us 
  • Vladivostok Aviahttp://www.vladivostokair.us/kamchatka.html
    Aeroflot http://www.aeroflot.ru/cms/en
    Transaero http://www.transaero.ru
    Domodedova Airlines http://www.domodedova.ru/en
    Yakutia Airlines US representative Air Russia:  www.airrussia.us

Trip Conditions

Your trip is considered reserved when we receive your deposit.

Please click on “Booking to supply us with the information we need to book your journey.

Trips are based on a minimum group size. If the group is less than the minimum required, we may cancel the trip or offer it to you at the adjusted price reflecting the smaller group size.

Final payment is required no later than 3 months prior to trip date. Payment for tours are either in US dollars through a check or wire transfer to our account, or by Visa and Mastercard.

Explore Kamchatka accepts liability for the negligent acts of its employees, agents, insofar as they relate to the trip while you are in Kamchatka. Explore Kamchatka is not liable for customer losses, damage, or injury during travel to/from Kamchatka or which result from third parties with whom the customer makes individual contact.

Explore Kamchatka reserves the right to cancel a pre-booked trip because of circumstances, which make it impossible to accomplish the travel due to reasons we aren’t responsible for and if we cannot offer a reasonable alternative. Explore Kamchatka is not responsible for bad weather conditions and all the consequences.

Cancellations received under the name of the person who reserved the trip are subject to the following charges: prior to 3 months, refund minus a $400 cancellation fee. Cancellations after 3 months prior to the tour receive no refund.

Explore Kamchatka cannot accept liability for costs associated with your late arrival, sickness, accidents, or other unforeseen reasons for you not joining the group or staying with the itinerary as planned.

Trip insurance isn’t included in the cost of your itinerary. We highly recommend a personal trip insurance to cover schedule changes, cancellations, you and your property while traveling. Explore Kamchatka offers adventures of a lifetime and you are responsible for making sure your health is up to the demands of the itinerary.

Included in your price: accommodations in the city as noted, all meals unless stipulated in your itinerary, all ground transportation, licenses, fees, helicopter transportation, guides, interpreters.

Not included: alcohol, tips, and trip insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions


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