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Bear Viewing in the Central Mt. Range
& Ascent of Avachinsky Volcano

Trip Dates: 
Aug. 16-24, 2012
Total Days: 9 
Group size:  8
Activity level 1 2 3 4 5
Activities:  Bear viewing, sightseeing, group join in, volcano trekking

In August, when sockeye salmon make their way from the ocean to spawning grounds at this Central Mountain Range lake, a healthy population of brown bears joins in the ancient struggle for survival of a species, by feeding on the plentiful salmon.  Sockeye salmon spawn in the shallow nearshore waters of lakes, providing an accessible and vital source of sustenance to Kamchatka’s largest omnivore, the brown bear.  Drive from the city to the comfortable new cabin built above the lake’s spawning grounds.  Bears are most plentiful in early mornings and evenings, but your days will be full of outdoor exploration of their ecosystem.
Accommodations are twin shared rooms, there are indoor toilet and shower facilities.  Your comfort and safety are taken care of.  Return to the city driving about 8 hours. 
After return to Yelizovo, transfer to Avachinsky Volcano in Nalychevo Nature Park. Ascend this 2741 m volcano, which overlooks the cities of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yelizovo.  The hike up the mountain isn’t a technical climb, and most trekkers make the trip in about 8 hours round trip.
Note:  This trip can be extended by adding other activities like volcano hikes, visiting Nature Parks or Reserves. 


Day 1:  Arrive in Kamchatka and transfer to our Yelizovo guest house.  Twin shared accommodations, dinner.  Meet your tour leader.  Discuss the trip and double check everyone has the clothes and all that they need.

Day 2:  After an early breakfast, depart by microbus toward the lake.  The highway is paved part of the way, and then you will travel on gravel roads, leaving the main road and climbing into the Central Mt. Range.  As the main gravel road turns in another direction, disembark to ride by all-wheel-drive truck to the cabin, nestled above the lake.  Approximately 8-hour trip with rest stops. 
Arrive at cabin, meet the local staff including your bear viewing guide.  Tour the facilities and visit the spawning grounds in the late afternoon/evening.

Days 3-5 Early each morning go with the guide to watch for bears at the spawning area.  As weather and conditions allow, spend all day, except for meal times watching bears and exploring their home. 

Day 6 After breakfast, check out of the base and return to Yelizovo and your guest house.  Dinner.

Day 7 Transfer by 4WD to the pass between Avachinsky and Koriyakskiy Volcanoes, 2 active volcanoes near the city.  Check into hostel.  Hike with guide about 4 km one way to Camel Rock, explore the area.  Overnight at hostel, shared rooms, outhouse toilets.  Meals at the hostel. 

Day 8 700 departure to ascend Avachinsky Volcano.  Required to have sturdy boots with ankle support.  Trekking poles preferred. After descent, enjoy refreshments and transfer to guest house.  Dinner. 

Day 9 Depart Kamchatka.  Airport transfer. 

Confirm the trip has the minimum needed to operate before buying your airline tickets to Kamchatka.

Price includes:  Documents for obtaining a visa, all local transportation, fees, meals as noted, guide, English speaking staff. 

This trip is rated moderately ACTIVE for people who are ready to walk along the lake shore, along the tundra trails.  For the volcano hike to the summit people should be in good physical condition. 

Daytime temperatures in Yelizovo usually range between 11 to 20.  In the Central Mt. Range they can be up to 25 Celsius. We will provide a required clothing list for you when you book this trip. 


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